Hair Care Services

My services are as follows. I may need add more.

*Shampoo/style (relaxed
hair)$60 and up

*Shampoo/ blow dry and styled(relaxer free hair)$70 and up

*Haircut $80

* Trim $60

* Wet set $75

Chemical Services

*Relaxer/ touch up
(basic trim

*Virgin relaxer $110( trim included)


Waterfall treatment $60 and up
Reconstruction $25

Steam/Moisture $30

Color Services

* semi permanent $30
*demi permanent $35
* permanent. $40

Foiled streaks $40 and up

Painted streaks$50 and up

Balayage $100 and up

Pre lighten $30 and up

Color melting $75 and up

Blonding to pale yellow or white $250 and up

Perfect Platinum Pixie $485

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